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Jan 10
WITB Tiger Woods 2016

After 16 months of rehabilitation, Tiger Woods is back playing competitive golf. He underwent a huge back surgery and was forced to take a break - nobody was sure if he would ever return. The 14-time major winner still has hopes to catch Jack Nicklaus’ record, but the road leading there is long and filled with uncertainty.

What's in the bag for Tiger Woods when he won?

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His long awaited debut came this month, when he played the Hero World Challenge. Everyone could see the spark in Tiger’s eyes, how happy he was being yet again able to compete. Although he finished in 15th place (out of 18 competitors), Tiger showed some promising shot making skills again. His drives were on point, his approach shots were staggering and his short game showed promise.

Tiger Woods 2016

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With Nike announcing it is walking away from the equipment industry, it is just a matter of time that we will see Tiger sign new deals. For now, there already were a few changes that Tiger made without signing any equipment contracts: TaylorMade M-series woods and the Scotty Cameron Newport 2 GSS putter. He did sign two new contracts, one with Monster Energy for his bag and one with Bridgestone for the B330S golf ball. For now he is still sticking with his Nike irons and wedges and it is unclear if he plans on making changes soon. Let’s have a look at Tigers wedges, the Nike VR Forged X3X.

Tiger Woods Vokey Wedges and Clubs

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Tiger plays two of the Nike wedges, 56 and 60 degrees. The VR Forged X3X are equipped with Nike’s clever sole grind technologies, which helps lifting the ball into the air and also provides extra spin. These clubs were designed with Nike staffers in mind and are therefore optimised to deliver best performance from a variety of playing situations and turf conditions.

Although the club line includes three sole grinds, Standard, Dual Narrow and Dual Wide, Tiger prefers the Standard one. It promotes a square address position without requiring the face to be opened. This allows Tiger to play all wedge shots in a similar manner, loft being the only variable. Both of his wedges are equipped with a True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S400.

Nike Golf has extended the VR Forged Wedge line to include three new sole grinds: Standard Grind, Dual Narrow Grind, and Dual Wide Grind.

On the other hand the Dual Narrow Grind clubhead features a more narrow sole width, increased bounce and immense sole relief. It is engineered to sit low to the ball in both open and square positions and was originally inspired by Paul Casey. The Dual Wide Grind offers more forgiveness and ease of use. Designed with feedback from Francesco Molinari, this model helps players on the European Tour to conquer more wet conditions.

The questions begs to be asked, what is next for Tiger Woods? Rumors are that he will sign a few more equipment deals in 2017, possibly also for a new set of irons. We can see him playing the new TaylorMade woods, so it is safe to assume that he could potentially switch over to TaylorMade irons and wedges. Let’s have a look at the options from TaylorMade.

TaylorMade Men's 2014 TP Wedge, Right Hand, 50.09-Degree
  • Optimized microtexture face helps increase spin and greenside control
  • Maximum groove size and shape allowed by USGA for ultimate performance on all shots
  • Soft 304 stainless steal head with raw tour satin finish

The TaylorMade Tour Preferred EF Satin Chrome wedge would be a nice change for Tiger’s current wedges. It’s signature engineering feature are the electroformed nickel cobalt grooves for more and long lasting spin. The soft 1025 carbon steel body will, according to TaylorMade, deliver 350 rpm more spin if compared to the TF 14 wedges. The club head sits nicely on the ground, with a small offset but a straight leading edge.

Before signing the heavy $100 million deal with Nike, Tiger used to play Titleist clubs, including his wedges. The Vokey design wedges are still one of the most popular on tour, hence would also be an interesting option for Tiger.

Titleist Vokey SM6 Tour Chrome Wedge Sand SW 56 8 Deg Bounce M Grind SM6 BV Steel Wedge Flex Right Handed 35.25 in

The SM6 is a club made for “precise distance gapping, shot versatility and maximum spin”. The progressive center of gravity allows players to get a better feel for the distance and ball trajectory. The TX4 grooves with new parallel face texture produce a sharper and more consistent groove edge, which produce much more spin than previous models. It is no secret that Tiger Woods might enjoy going back to his old equipment setup dominated by Titleist.

Tiger Woods with Wedge 2016

Although Tiger’s last few years were pestered with injury, scandals and poor golf, there might just be a bright light at the end of the tunnel. His performance at the Hero World Challenge showed promise that we could see the “old Tiger” once again. The year 2017 will mark Tiger’s return to competitive golf, which will be accompanied by new equipment deals. It is up to him which manufacturer he chooses, but the decision which wedges he plays will definitely heavily impact his game.

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