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Mar 22

In this article, we will focus on the various types of golf shoes available and how these brands support those who play and love this game.

Where do good golf shoes belong, in terms of priority, according to those in the know? At the very top of the list, it seems. To be able to squarely hit the ball, foot stability, balance and swing path must all be there. And, these are very much affected by the how the shoes are planted throughout the swing. A proper shoe supports a stable and comfortable golf swing which is very essential to the game.

Here are some of the shoes noted for their comfort, performance and style:

Footjoy Hyperflex:

This new Hyperflex Golf Shoe was inspired by the suspension cable bridge in Boston, Massachusetts called the Leonard P. Zakim Bunker Hill Bridge. Similar to the shoes, the cables on the bridge forms a grid which provides immense stability while maintaining an elegant and lightweight appearance.

Footjoy Hyperflex, $79.96​

The shoe is constructed in such a way to provide for maximum comfort and breathability. The base layer is made of a lightweight, flexible and a tightly bound waterproof mesh. And, the first layer has the Flexgrid Exoskeleton “cage” which forms to the foot, but also is sturdy enough to keep the foot from moving around during a swing, thus providing maximum stability.

Some might not like the bulky bottom of the shoe which creates a higher elevation, and it is also on the pricier side. 

Oakley Cipher 4

The Cipher 4 is the lightest, most comfortable shoe on the market. But despite its lightweight and flexible attributes, it still maintains great traction and stability. Nanospikes are used in lieu of big, bulky spikes to maintain this shoe’s lightweight attractiveness. Also, the shoe offers great ventilation.

Oakley Cipher 4, ​

It could be considered a deficit that the shoe is not waterproof, and that it is pricier than many other shoes. Regardless, it has a tremendous appeal due to its marked features of lightness and flexibility.

Puma Faas Xlite

This shoe is the lightest shoe Puma makes. It is known for its easy movement and comfortability during a long round of golf. This shoe’s performance mesh offers softness, durability and lightweight ventilation properties. Puma’s soon to be patented sole shift technology includes a reversible sock liner with an Everfoam Technology, rendering greater comfort.

ArchTech , another Puma technology, beautifully supports the foot’s arch while promoting free movement of the forefoot and heel.

Puma Faas Xlite, Currently not

This shoe has an impeccable traction that provides stability via directional grip elements that enhance ground contact.

It’s positives include low price for high quality, light feel and durability, a choice of lace color and EverFoam technology for comfort. A less favorable aspect is the lack of spikes. Spikes provide more stability.

Ashworth Cardiff ADC

This shoe marks the beginning of the golf shoe taking on the appearance of the sneaker. The ADCs provide an OrthoLite EVA sock liner for maximum comfort and cushioning and the exterior is made with a rich and soft tumbled leather.

Ashworth Cardiff ADC, from $34.95​

The interior also features a soft midsole and cushioning all along the top part to impede aching feet even after many hours of walking the green. This cushioning keeps the foot from sliding around and maintains great flexibility with their spineless outsoles without sacrificing traction.

The positives of this particular shoe includes the modern look of the sneaker, soft leather for flexibility and maximum cushioning for comfort. It’s less successful feature is that, though it has traction, be careful when wearing them in the rain and slippery weather.

Adidas Adipower Boost

This shoe offers an energy-returning foam midsole that massages the foot throughout your golf round. The traction helps support the stability needed for an effective swing and are placed in a way that provides maximum grip.

Adidas Adipower Boost, $79.99​

Now here’s a really cool feature! These shoes can be customized via adding your name or writing on the heel or even adding your favorite country’s flag or symbol.

The positives of this particular shoe include maximum traction and stability and a comfort foam interior, along with customized writing, etc. The less favorable aspects are the relatively high price, the fact that the cleats area irreplaceable and that they run a half an size to small.

Callaway Xfer Sport

This shoe presents itself with many fine features. The X Cage design on the shoe forms around the foot for flexibility and stability. The Superfeet Pro insoles help with balance and alignment to support correcting your body’s position for a more solid swing.

Callaway Xfer Sport, $49.95​

The Pro Flex PINS performance spikes provide traction along with the Xfer Dynamic Traction Technology, which helps with the fluidity and stability of the swing. The Xfer Power Wall inhibits the side of the foot moving around without sacrificing the ability to absorb as well as release energy throughout the swing

The positives of this shoe include the following:

a 2-year limited water-resistant warranty and 30 day comfort guarantee, along with the Power Wall which prevents the shoe from moving around inside the shoe. Also included is the dynamic traction technology and a secondary set of fashion laces. One of its less favorable aspects is the lack of arch support.

Ecco Biom G2

This shoe is considered the highest performing pair on the market. It has a Biom shaping element in the shoe that conforms to the foot. Ecco tested 2500 feet to get the most correct molding for comfort and stability throughout the game. Its fine leather makes for a soft upper and has a classic, sleek look.

Top 10 Most Comfortable Golf Shoes

Ecco Biom G2, $200.00​

Its positives include a silicon insole that prevents loose foot movement during the swing, along with great traction and a sleek look. It’s less favorable parts are its price and the risk of developing blisters on the heel.

New Balance NBG2003

New Balance created a golf shoe that looks like a running shoe. It features comfortability and durability and has REVlite cushioning. It contains a lightweight outsole, waterproof mesh upper and stability cage. The shoes also have a light locking cleat system to maximize traction.

New Balance NBG2003, $100.16​

It’s positives include a lightweight exoskeleton, a light locking cleat system and running shoe look, comfort and style. Be aware, though, that you have to go up half a size.

Nike Lunar Cypress

Like New Balance, Nike developed a shoe similar to their sneakers. These shoes are made with a mesh upper covered by a laser-cut overlay for maximum ventilation. They include Flywire bundles that give adaptive support despite their thin appearance. These shoes offer a sporty look and a natural flexibility.

Nike Lunar Cypress, Currently not

Its positives include a sporty aesthetic look, its lightweight and flexible attributes and one-year limited waterproof warranty. Its less favorable aspects are that the shoe doesn’t have has much traction as a spiked golf shoe and they run extremely small.

Nike Lunar Bandon

These bulkier looking shoes, unlike most of the golf shoes on the market, are made for wet weather conditions and block out water, sand and dirt. This allows you to play at your best no matter where the location. But, despite their look, they have a soft, springy feel and are lightweight. The tops of the shoes are made with a seam-sealed waterproof upper. And, the bonded, asymmetrical zipper endows it with a young, modern feel , like basketball shoes, all the while protecting you from the elements on the course.

Nike Lunar Bandon,

The positives of this shoe are that it does well in wet weather, has a modern look and provides maximum traction. Its less favorable aspects are that they were designed specifically with bad/wet weather in mind, the bulky design and that it runs small - in keeping with most Nike shoes.

Well, there you have it – an amazing collection of golf shoes from which to choose. And, of course, along with this availability of a fantastic array of shoes, there is a body of knowledge on how to take care of these shoes! So, here follows some tips on just that.

Proper care and attention need to be in place to maintain and prolong the look, performance, feel and comfort of your shoe. Faced with the great outdoors and all that can entail, both leather and synthetic golf shoes must be thoroughly cleaned and properly stored between rounds. All this will take a conscientious effort, on your part, to keep your shoes in good shape for your next round and for many more to come!

Here follow some recommendations to accomplish just that:

  • Properly rotating two pair of shoes between rounds will end with shoes that last longer than twice the life of a single pair.
  • Consider using a shoe horn when donning your shoes to protect the heel counter of the shoe.
  • Check your cleats between rounds to make sure to make sure they are intact and secured properly into their respective receptacles. Do not overtighten them, though.
  • Do not store your golf shoes in the trunk of your car where high temperatures can break down the shoe’s material, thus decreasing the lifespan of your shoe.
  • It is also strongly recommended that you leave Cedar shoe trees in your shoes at all times, when shoes are not in use.

Here follows more specific tips on pre and post round care.

In the pre-round, use a shoe horn when putting on your shoes to protect the heel counter of the shoe - as mentioned above. Damage to this area can cause an improper fit in the heel which can lead to blistering and overall discomfort.

After your game, be sure to clean your shoes, removing any dirt and residue. Use a shoe cleaner or a mild soap and water and let them air dry. With white shoes, apply a cleaner to remove unwanted scuff marks. This will also help condition the leather.

And, with dark shoes, use a combination of shoe cleaner and an applicable color shoe cream to maintain the look and conditioning of the full grain or calfskin leather.

If your shoes become soaked during a round, clean them quickly and place crumbled newspaper inside the shoes for 8-10 hours to soak up any excess water. Then, after this time, use a cedar shoe tree to bring the uppers back to normal shape, smooth the linings and absorb any remaining water and odor. Cedar’s absorption properties make them much more effective than plastic shoe tree.

Here follows some general tips.

When cleaning the shoe, remove the laces. Also, if not glued into the shoe, remove the inner sole during cleaning. Let the shoes air dry in a shaded area, not in direct sunlight. And, never use a blow dryer or expose them to an external heat source. This sort of excessive heat can damage the uppers and the outsoles.

And, specific to outsole care, all non-leather outsoles should be wiped clean of dirt and residue after each round. Additionally, as mentioned previously, do not overtighten your cleats and check to make sure that they are intact and secured properly into their respective receptacles. And, again, do not store your shoes in your car trunk where excessive heat can break down the shoe material resulting in the decreased lifespan of your shoe.

Mesh shoes require can be soaked in a sink in warm water and liquid dish soap or laundry detergent. Gently scrub the mesh with a cloth or soft bristled brush. Blot or dab at the mesh with a cold water dampened cloth to remove soap residue. And, allow the shoes to dry in a shaded spot, not in direct sunlight.

Machine washing mesh shoes requires removing the shoe laces and inner soles, if not glued in. Wipe the mesh lightly using soap and warm, not hot, water. Tougher stains can be washed with an old toothbrush and gentle laundry detergent. For a final clean, to help tackle persistent stains, put the mesh shoes and shoe laces in a mesh washing bag and wash on the gentle or delicate cycle. Allow them to air dry. Newspaper can be added initially for 30 – 40 minutes to absorb moisture. After this time, remove the newspaper and add shoe trees when still damp to maintain their shape.

Well, there you have it – an array of fabulous shoes from which to choose and their appropriate care. All this is described to further and support your golfing experience. So, most importantly, continue to enjoy yourself as you play this magnificent game!


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