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May 06

A golf wedge is an important piece of equipment for every type of golf game. With it, you can hit nice shots and thus achieve a lower score. There are different types of wedges available in the market. The different models and makes of golf wedges are offered by different brands.

This makes it difficult to decide which one is the best golf wedge for you. Therefore, we have listed some of the best golf wedges in the market in order to help you choose the best one for yourself. These golf wedges are offered by the top most brands.

So, have a look at the top 6 wedges in the market. You can choose any one of these golf wedges depending on your preferences and requirements. These wedges can improve your performance in a golf game within 100 yards.

1. Callaway Mack Daddy Forged

The Callaway Mack Daddy Forged wedge comes with a half-crescent shaped grind and a square sole, which makes it one of the most versatile wedges out there. This helps the golfer to hit half-shots with ease. It is created for the advanced golfer, as it has a less forgiving straight leading edge and a less offset that aids in increasing precision.

The new R grind of this wedge has a clear mid bounce and curved shape, which allows the golfer to hit a wide assortment of greenside shots with ease. Moreover, the Callaway Mack Daddy Forged wedge has progressive CD (Centre of Gravity) positions that move upward with the increase of lofts. This results in a lower and controlled flight in high lofts, while making the right spin.

2. Titleist Vokey SM6
Titleist Vokey SM6

As compared to the earlier Titleist Vokey SM5 wedge, the new model offered by Titleist has got a progressive CG (Centre of Gravity) design. This design aligns with the position of impact of every loft, in turn producing an accurate trajectory control as well as distance control.

This wedge gives a great feel to the golfer and is available in 3 finish types, including Jet Black, Steel Grey, and Tour Chrome. Plus, it has nice looks and comes in 5 different sole grinds, namely L, M, S, F, and K, which are inspired by the Tour golfers. These sole grinds cover all types of swings and shots.

The new Titleist Vokey SM6 model has a Spin Milled TX4 combination of face texture and grooves, which facilitates more spin of up to 200rpm on the golf ball from a rough surface. This wedge gives a buttery soft feel to the golfer at impact. Plus, the deep and narrow grooves in its lower lofts allow you to make the right spin for hitting full shots.

3. Cleveland RTX-3

The Cleveland RTX-3 comes with the technology of New Feel Balancing, which moves its CG (Centre of Gravity) towards the clubface centre. Plus, the wedge has a short hosel with a micro cavity, which saves its weight. This design of this wedge reduces the vibration and thus improves the feel. Moreover, this wedge increases the stability of the clubhead at impact in turn giving better distance control as well as forgiveness.

The Cleveland RTX-3 has a sole in a V shape, which helps to improve the turf interaction. The Tour Zip Grooves of this wedge have a narrow and deep U shape with a razor-sharp edge radius, which in turn helps prevent fliers and enhances control. The Laser Milling technology carves lines between the wedge’s groves in order to add friction and increase the spin, while playing greenside shots, in addition to maximizing the roughness of the surface.

4. Mizuno T7

The Mizuno T7 wedges are one of the first wedges by Mizuno that benefit from Boron infusion, which in turn makes the material of the club head much stronger and thus results in a long-lasting spin control. These are the new milling tools with more precision that have loft-specific grooves as per the limits of R&A. These pitching wedges have different lofts ranging from 45 degree to 48 degree.

Mizuno Golf Men's T7 Blue Ion Wedge Right 56-14 _ Sports & Outdoors

The Mizuno T7 wedges feature a straighter top line as well as leading edge in order to enhance full shots. On the other hand, this turns into a rounded shape for wedges with high lofts, ranging from 58 degree to 62 degree in order to play more open-faced shots. Moreover, these wedges have visible grinds, which in turn make them more versatile by helping in striking the golf ball from different lies.

5. Cobra King
Cobra Men's King Satin V Stiff 58 Steel Wedge, Right _ Sports & Out

The Cobra King wedge is inspired by the Tour and has three different sole designs, including widelow, versatile, and classic. This in turn offers different golfers with different types of techniques to find the right set up according to their varied needs and requirements.

Moreover, the progressive grooves in the less lofts of the Cobra King wedges are further apart, which reduce the backspin and thus deliver a stronger flight for playing the ideal pitch shot. Moreover, the grooves are closer in the high loft wedges in order to maximize the control of the spin while playing chip shots.

6. Pinemeadow Pre 3 Wedge Pack

The Pinemeadow Pre 3 Wedge Pack is a pack of three different types of golf wedges. However, all of them are offered at a reasonable price of one wedge. They are so much affordable and pocket-friendly. The Pinemeadow brand is a well-known brand in the world of golf, as it provides high quality golf equipment.

The Pinemeadow Pre 3 Wedge Pack is ideal for beginner golfers and all those who are above 10 handicap. This is because these wedges give the right spin and control to above 10 handicap golfers. All these wedges come with a chrome finish and weigh 4.4 pounds. They are made of high quality steel and come in 52 degree to 60 degree lofts.

So, these are the top 6 best wedges in the market. Ensure that you see that the wedge has the right mix of bounce angles, sole grinds, and lofts, so as to choose the right one for your golf game. These 6 hottest wedges in the market are the ones that golfers always swear by in order to give them the right distance, lift, and spin and thus boost their confidence around the greens.

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