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May 22

Finding a golf wedge that suits your needs appropriately is not easy. It should have the right performance level, look, feel, as well as price, so that you can improve your golf game. Moreover, all the wedges look pretty much the same. Do you too think that all wedges are the same? If yes, then you are absolutely wrong.

Every wedge is different from the other, including the brand that offers it. Just like other wedges, there is the Mizuno Golf JPX S2 Series Approach Wedge, which is offered by Mizuno. This golf wedge is known for its superior built and advanced performance.

Mizuno Golf JPX S2 Series Approach Wedge, Steel, 52-Degree, Right Hand
  • Quad Cut grooves for maximum spin and ball control
  • Wider shallower grooves on high lofts, deep narrow grooves on lower lofts for maximum versatility
  • CNC Milled face for enhanced surface friction for increased spin
  • Engineered for solid pure feel at impact
  • Multiple lofts and bounces to fit any set makeup

Available in a wide range of lofts and bounces, you can hit a wide variety of shots with this wedge. The different degrees in which this wedge is available, includes 52 degrees, 56.14 degrees, 58.14 degrees, and 60.05 degrees. This wedge looks extremely sharp, clean, as well as classic. With a blade like and sleek appearance, this club gives a strong feel.


The Mizuno Golf JPX S2 Series Approach Wedge is a great wedge. Some of the features of this classic wedge are listed below.

· It has a large head, round toe, and a comparatively traditional shape, which allows users to easily see the club’s loft at the time of address

· It features quad cut groove technology, which widens the four dimensions that are included in the new guidelines of R&A / USGA

· This wedge has loft grooves that are specific to the lofts, including shallow and wider grooves on its high lofts and deep and narrow grooves on its lower lofts

· The smooth bend sole of this wedge gives it more efficient bounce that makes it easy to use

· The CNC milled face of this wedge comes with increased surface friction in order to provide maximum spin to the golf ball while playing short range shots

· It is equipped with Harmonic Impact Technology or HIT, which gives it a solid and pure feel

· This wedge has multiple lofts and bounces, which makes it ideal for any type of set up

· It has a triple cut sole design, which lends a perfect turf interaction to the wedge

· It is constructed using 8620 high quality steel to give a solid and smooth feel

· It has a two tone double nickel black chrome finish, which reduces the glare from its lofted face


· This wedge delivers excellent performance from a wide range of lies, including full shots from the course

· It has an adequate trajectory and spin control

· This wedge is great at making basic as well as tough bunker shots

· It offers a lot of control to the user from the course similar to a regular iron, which makes it easy to hit specific targets

· This wedge makes smooth impacts with little vibration

· This responsive wedge delivers stable shots from the rough fairway

· It gives a lot of forgiveness and decent playability and distance

· It has a perfect weight, shape, and balance

· The high spin quad cut grooves of this wedge are loft specific and milled to USGA limits, which gives it ball stopping control and maximum spin


· This wedge has a large clubhead, which makes it difficult for some players to hit their golf shots


The Mizuno Golf JPX S2 Series Approach Wedge is great for every level of player, whether skilled or amateur. It has quad cut grooves, which lend maximum spin and control to the golf ball. Moreover, it has wider and shallow grooves on its high lofts and deep and narrow grooves on its lower lofts, which make this wedge very versatile and handy to use.

The CNC Milled face of the Mizuno Golf JPX S2 Series Approach Wedge is ideal for enhanced surface fiction and increased spin of the golf ball. This golf wedge has a nice design with beautiful lines and a sleek look. The shiny smoked black outer layer of this wedge makes it look more appealing. Although, this wedge has a solid grip, you can also customize its grip according to your requirements with its wide assortment of grips, such as Lamkin, Winn, and Golf Pride.


The Mizuno Golf JPX S2 Series Approach Wedge is far superior to other wedges out there. It has a slightly thicker top line as compared to other wedges available in the market. Moreover, unlike other wedges, it sports a CNC milled face and quad cut grooves for maximum spin. This wedge is specifically designed for mid to high handicapper, as it features a cavity back design, which gives enhanced forgiveness to the wedge.

Furthermore, the Mizuno Golf JPX S2 Series Approach Wedge has a wider sole that lends a more effective bounce to the golf ball. It looks extremely stylish and sophisticated, without compromising on its superior performance. This is what makes this wedge perfect for every type of golfer, no matter whether a beginner, intermediate, or an expert. Additionally, the Mizuno Golf JPX S2 Series Approach Wedge is not grain flow forged like other wedges in the Mizuno line, but it is made through a casting procedure thta gives it a fantastic feel.


With the Mizuno Golf JPX S2 Series Approach Wedge, every type of golfer can improve their golf game performance. It has a soft feel, yet allows you to make excellent shots at the fairway. This golf wedge is engineered for solid and pure feel at the time of impact.

The Mizuno Golf JPX S2 Series Approach Wedge is very smooth at impact, without any vibration. It has a solid grip and also offers a lot of choice for different types of grips. Moreover, its multiple bounces and lofts make it an ideal choice for any type of set.

Overall, this wedge is pretty outstanding. Although, you may not like its larger head, it delivers excellent performance with a lot of forgiveness and decent playability and distance. Plus, it has a nice look and design. Thus, if you are looking for a wedge to enhance your golf game and hit pretty shots in the fairway, then the Mizuno Golf JPX S2 Series Approach Wedge is perfect for you.

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