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Mar 11
Best Golf Training Programs Review

We know that it is hard to choose the right golf training program. Most of them sound good and have wonderful reviews from their previous customers.

But how would you pick the best one for you? What if those courses work for other golfers but doesn’t work for you?

We don’t want to stumble on a really bad course that will just waste our time and effort.

What happens if we choose the wrong course? They might hamper our improvement because of the wrong principles and techniques that our body might get used to.

Now that we have mentioned the importance of picking the right course. We will now move on to reviewing a few popular training programs.

Tathata Golf 60 Day Training Program

Tathata Golf 60 Day Training Program is one of those reliable golf training programs that you can find on the internet.

It’s been receiving rave reviews from its customers. Its boasts a new way of teaching golfers on how the play the game more prominently. 

You can study this course anytime you want and you don’t have to set an appointment or travel just to get your lesson. With the price tag of almost $180, the quality of training content ends up saving a lot of money than when meeting with an instructor. Some instructors work as part-time so they will not be able to teach you until the end of the course, which affects the consistency of your training.

With Tathata Golf 60 Day Training Program, you can practice your swing at the privacy of your home or office. There will no one to disturb you or experience the pressure of a timed session. You can practice as long as you want or move on to the next stage anytime you want. It’s more of a self-learning venture with a valuable and comprehensible guide at your side.

  • Tathata Golf 60 Day Training
    Immediate streaming access to the
    60-Day Program
    Lifetime access to 60 of the world's
    most powerful lessons
    30 days full 100% refund guarantee

"Understand what other great golfers do and make it your own."

What does it contain?

It is composed of a 60-day course which is divided into 6 chapters. Each chapter last for 10 days. That will certainly give you enough time to master is lesson before proceeding to the next.

Additionally, it has:

  • 140 training movements
  • 195 questions and video answers
  • 12 sitting and standing mental training exercise
  • 45 deeper discussions
  • And much more

All of those are constructed and sorted in a very intuitive and meaningful way. The lessons flow smoothly so that each skill development is tackled thoroughly.


  • Common advantage with online golf courses is you can work on it whenever you want
  • It has a new way of method of teaching
  • It actually helps you save money
  • Improves golf swing in just 60 days


  • It requires hard work and dedication. Requires all spare time to dedicated to this training program if you want to achieve the results they promote within 60 days.


Whatever your gender or age may be, Tathata Golf 60 Day Training Program could be the right one for you. Previous customers have spoken highly of this program, to name a few - Gary McCord and Brandel Chamblee.

You won’t be wasting 60 days of your life with this training program. Understand what other great golfers do and make it your own. Improve your swings effectively. 


6 Weeks to Golf Fitness

Now, who wouldn’t want to improve their golf skills in just 6 weeks? You wouldn’t have to wait long period just to improve your swing.

This training program will be able to show you results on just a short period of time. With so many programs out there, you might be wondering which one you’ll choose.

This program is certainly effective, based on the people that have already used it, and have already reaped its benefit.

See results quickly

You don’t have to wait for several months. It promises results in just more than a month.

It has a full 60-Day Money Back Guarantee, which means that you can go into this training and still has the option to request a refund. All you have to do is throw them an email, no questions ask. That just shows their confidence on this training program.

  • 6 Weeks to Golf Fitness ebook
    Suitable for players of ALL ages and handicap
    Step-by-step golf exercise plans
    60 days full 100% refund guarantee

What is 6 Weeks to Golf Fitness

Let’s start talking about what is inside this training program. Well, they sure do promise a lot, given that it is only a short training. Everything is done in the fastest way possible. Of course, without sacrificing the quality of the program.

This whole training program was actually based on a proven scientific research. It is a research conducted by some sports scientists which shows that specific exercises can improve the player’s performance in the game. So, yes, this training program is legit.

A couple of things that it promises definitely make sense. They do sound that they can be achieve in just more than a month with the use of the right training and exercises.

The training is targeted to your golf playing level

First off, before you can get your access to the training, you have to choose your preferred level. The choices are beginner, intermediate and advanced exercise plans. All of those are targeted trainings designed to increase your drives and overall performance.

What are its benefits?

It says that it can increase your drives by 32 yards or more. That is certainly a big improvement if successfully achieved. It can help reduce your overall score. It also promises to make your accuracy, swing plane and ball striking better. This are the skills that are highly important in any golf game, and you can get it on this program, at a much lower price than when hiring an actual coach.

Aside from that, it also teaches how to reduce the risk of injuries that might happen when playing golf. There are 5 exercises that according to them are “little known.” These exercises prevent sore spots and muscle knot, so you can move on to playing or practicing golf without any problem.


Overall, this is a worthwhile training program for every golf enthusiast. It doesn’t hurt that its price tag is very affordable. The training in this program are targeted based on chosen level, so you can rest assured that you will have the strongest swing in just a span of 6 weeks. If you are still in doubt about the effectiveness of this program, there is the money-back guarantee to take care of it for you.

Renegade Mental Golf System

People believe that the mind is more powerful than the body.

That whatever you want to do, you can do it by focusing your mind on it. “Mind over matter,” some people use this principle in order to achieve their goals. Even you might be using it subconsciously. Remember when you heard a guy magically jumping through a tall fence just because a dog is chasing him?

This belief is true, and it can be applied on almost everything that people do, just like in golf. If you have a strong mindset, you can easily improve your skills and surpass players that are currently better than you.

What is Renegade Mental Golf System?

Renegade Mental Golf System aims to give you the mental edge that lets you win over opponents. It improves your skills and abilities so that you can slash your handicap and enter your zone of command. 

Backed by years of study

Stephen Ladd is a professional golf player who created this program based on his study on the body-mind connection. Studying this connection for 37 years definitely produces a worthwhile result. The result is a training program that benefited hundreds of golfers around the world.

This training program by Stephen Ladd is one of the best. Overcome your mental roadblocks and be the best player that you can be.

Is it effective?

First off, you should remember that the training program will only work if you will take it seriously. You should put your heart and mind into it. If you are planning to just give this program a try, then leave it after a couple of days, then you wouldn’t be able to get the best result.

  • Renegade Mental Golf
    Learn to play with confidence
    Able to help both amateur and professional players
    8 weeks 100% full refund guarantee

Renegade Mental Golf System has advanced mental golf exercises, video instructional golf techniques, power game strategies, golf principles, and golf hypnosis tips.

As a result, you can hone your hamstrings and loosen the hips, enter the ideal body/mind state, and exercise to strengthen the upper legs and abdominal. Additionally, going deeper into this training program will help you develop the strength and endurance needed for a swing, along with a couple of anti-fatigue exercises.


  • Targets a very important aspect of playing golf
  • Teaches better swing
  • Improves your performance without even practicing
  • Good for both professional players and newcomers


  • You need to download the entire system


Renegade Mental Golf System definitely deserves your attention. The mind is truly the master of your body. Going into the right mindset will let you break all those psychological barriers that have been holding you back. From a golfer that is full of tension and anxiety to a golfer with a killer confidence, this training program is the one that you are looking for.

Experience the power of golf hypnosis and use it to your advantage in any game. All of this will inevitably unlock your full potential.


Drive Longer

As of today, there are thousands of golf training hovering around the market. At some point, you may wonder if their pitches are true or just bluffs. Well, we can’t blame you for that, golf course consumers always have that vigilant thinking before purchasing a particular product. You have to take note that courses on playing golf may differ base on what certain skill are you trying to improve.

If you always spend much of your time thinking that you have a bad drive, then you should look for a training course that will help your improve in that aspect.

Thanks to Drive Longer, you can finally take your drive skills into the next level. If you think improving your drive skill is impossible, we encourage you take revisit your thinking. Every golf player, whether you are a pro, a newbie, or just planning to play, but wanted to be fully equipped before going out to the real field - this course is fully loaded of the things you need to exercise, improve, and train.

What’s even more amazing is that you can follow each video training at your own pace. So, there’s no absolute pressure between you should do this now and do that, later. You are the boss of your own skills. Here the big bonanzas you will get out of getting the product:

Conditions Muscles For Faster Swing Speed

One of the major secrets of performing better drives is having a faster swing speed - and one of the factors that affects your swing is your muscles.

  • Drive Longer
    Comes with resistance bands
    Suitable for newbies
    60 days 100% full refund guarantee

The question you might have in mind is that how can I have a well-conditioned muscles? The answer is super easy, right in this training video series, you will exactly know how to exercise your muscles, in such a way you can have faster contraction speed. The huge surprise is, you don’t have to stack yourself with overwhelming amount of information that you would probably experience from other training out there. Creators of Drive Longer purposely made the training to be exact and precise, so you can get the content at the end of the lesson.

No Special Equipment Needed

Another point why thousands of people love the course is because it requires no special equipment or whatsoever, you are just simply taught with comprehensive exercises, which can be done practically anywhere you want it and anytime you want to do it. It’s something that we are sure every golfer would love - who wants to carry bulky equipment with them anyway, when they practice? The course indeed is super convenient and made perfectly understandable for newbies.

Helps Nearly Anyone Drive Longer

There are no special skill required for you to follow the course. It is made nearly for anyone who is working on improving their drive skills. You will surely appreciate some increase in yards after you have fully follow the training provided. This is made for men and women. You don’t need to become a professional to do this - Drive Longer is made for all ages who wants to acquire longer driving distance. If it sounds like you, you surely have to look at this one.

Have longer drives in just short period of time

If you are up for quicker results, this course claims to grant your wish. Though, we don’t really agree with this one. Since, if you are trying to master a skill, it’ll naturally take your time and dedication. Especially if you have been joining or following other swing training at the same time, improving longer drives won’t come too quickly. Judging from the thousands of users of this course, we can tell that 85% of them is satisfied with the time frame they have to spend before they see some results from the training. While 25% of the users are still getting a hang of it, we are quite sure that with perseverance they’ll be add up in the 85% of users.

Takes Up Very Little Time

You don’t have to cut off your family dates or business events for this one. Just by putting 15 minutes a day, 4 days a week. This course will proof to be effective to improve your swings. The course initially teaches you on how to condition your muscles - both the upper and lower body, so they may contract together, giving you more control and more stability on your every swing. We have done our research, and as far as we have observed, Drive Longer users are fairly satisfied with the results they are seeing.

Being Used by Thousands

Yep, you have read it right. The course is being used by thousands of people situate at different places around the globe. Some claims that they love the exercises and some are slightly disappointed with its promise of providing fast results.

Just accept that mastering a skill takes time, if you have the will and determination - you will have faster results, rather than developing self-pity over acquiring the skill late compared to other users.

This can be a good start up for breaking your personal distance records. Onlookers will be amazed by how you have drastically improve those yards. So, the sooner you start learning this course, the faster you will have overwhelming longer drives success.


  • Comes with isometrics
  • Newbie-friendly training
  • Comes with resistance bands
  • Comprehensive and complete training courses
  • Improves swings


  • May take time before you see some results


You can start improving your drives straight away with the Drive Longer course. The training videos are compiled in 5 different sections, so you can easily browse if ever you want to improve your swing first or you simply want to see the tips on how you can maximize the benefits out of this program. It is super simple and well-organized, the type of course that will bring newbies delight.

You will get immediate access to online training instructions and exercise videos, so you can see results for yourself. It comes with training tips, muscle diagrams, and progress charts, which will help you boost to have longer drives. 


The Pro’s Edge

If you are looking for a great sport vision training, the Pro’s Edge could be a good training course for you. It has helped countless of professional golfer to have lower scores in their games.

You know the rules, the lower the scores, the more chance you’ll win and this course exactly aims to teach you just that.

The Pro’s Edge, as their name suggest helps you to gain knowledge on how you can set yourself from other golfers.

What’s amazing is that it is made available for everyone to make use of, it does not require you to be a pro to learn this - this is for men and women golfers who are willing to join the sport vision training to get exceptionally low scores in golf.

Improve your performance on the greens

One of the major secrets of having excellent performance on the greens is having sharp visuals. Bu this we mean that your eyes should be exercised in such a way that it can aim better on the greens. The Pro’s Edge includes a set of training for visual exercises. You will surely shave out some strokes in your score - just like pros. Having a bird-like vision makes it 10x easier to achieve with the help of this course.

Huge thanks to Dr. Lawrence D. Lampert, who have took time to share his expertise through this course. There are several claims that the course gets them results right on the day one, which is pretty impressive for golfers who want to get fast results.

  • Pro’s Edge
    Unique eye training to help you aim better
    How to know if your eyes are playing tricks on you
    Featured on Golf Magazine, NBC Sports

I'll show you insider tricks to great golf that even your local golf pro doesn't know!

The training that’s within the course is purposely created for you to have better reading skills on the greens, putt more consistently, lower your score, stroke the ball smoother, and drive longer. It focuses in rendering and pushing you to acquire as much skills as possible to give the real Pro’s Edge - just remarkably gets the ball in the hole.

What you will get from Pro’s Edge?

If you decide to purchase Pro’s Edge, you will get instant access to test whether you are right-eyed or left-eyed, for this will greatly affect your performance in the game. After you are fully aware of what type of golfer are you, the next lesson you will learn is knowing if your eyes are playing tricks on you, so you can adjust and have reliable precautions regarding it. With the help of comprehensive and fast vision exercises you can do at the comfort of your home, you will start to get sharp visuals.

It has been featured in various magazines like the Golf Magazine and the Gold Digest Woman. If you are really up for improving your skills on greens, set yourself apart from the local pro golfers by learning the Pro’s Edge.


  • Quick results
  • Improves bird-like visuals
  • Training includes better swings and longer drives
  • Newbie friendly


  • It is an ebook


There are various gold nuggets you will get out from this course. Pro’s Edge does not only focus in improving your sight on greens, but improves your swings, putting, and longer drives. It’s proven to be effective and has been featured on TV shows and Golf niche magazines. Dr. Lampert and his team have done a great job this one, kudos to them!


The Simple Golf Swing Training

You need to learn the right swing in order to get that ball into the hole. With The Simple Golf Swing Training, you can hone your swinging skills easily. This training program is specifically designed for improving your swing.

What is The Simple Golf Swing Training?

This training is actually an eBook that you can purchase online. . You are going to learn how swing perfectly by just following the instructions in this wonderful course.

It has 31 pages in it, which is enough to give you the right training you’ll ever need. There is no need to go complicated or technical, a perfect swing can be achieved with a simple and comprehensive program.

You’ll learn how to get a solid contact with the ball. With the right posture and force, you’ll be able to control the trajectory of the ball with no problem. It also teaches you how to avoid hitting fat and how not to slice. All those valuable information in this simple training program.

I played my lowest score ever. I took off 9-10 strokes on my very first day!

  • The Simple Golf Swing
    Shave strokes off on the very first day
    Comes with valuable bonuses
    60 days 100% full refund guarantee

What will I get after joining this training program?

After entering this program, which will cost you $67, you will get a lot of bonus instructional materials for learning the perfect swing, aside from the 31-page eBook. The eBook will teach you a couple of lessons and tips. It contains steps which are accompanied by images and some proper gripping lessons too. You will learn the one piece takeaway technique. With this technique you will learn how to produce a smooth and simple swing.

With this lesson, you can learn how to consistently hit the ball by following the simple steps. You can also avoid a slice with the tips that it provides.

We haven’t even start mentioning about the bonuses that comes with the eBook. When you buy the main eBook, a couple of freebies are given. These are not ordinary freebies. They are very beneficial to every golfer with rich information that they contain. 

The bonus includes:

  • Instructional video on how to put the ball on the hole as fast as possible
  • Another video for the method for full golf swing
  • The simple chip. This one teaches you how to chip confidently
  • Training Aids You can Make at Home
  • 3 Valuable Putting Tips
  • How to Get Out of the Sand and Close to the Cup
  • Lifetime Upgrades
  • Mental Preshot Routine
  • Secrets From the Game's Longest Hitter


  • Simple and comprehensible training program
  • Great bonuses
  • Unique techniques for slicing, distance and consistency
  • More economical than offline training courses
  • You can see quick results with your performance


  • Takes effort to get used to the new swing technique


The Simple Golf Swing Training is a very worthwhile program. It teaches you how to swing properly in a simple and comprehensible way. Those who don’t like anything that is complicated will be very pleased with this training program. The bonuses thrown in are of great value on its own. Those bonuses are designed to assess you in your training. However, if you are still not satisfied with the eBook, you can use its 60-day money back guarantee. Offers like this usually indicates that they are confident with their product.


Power Golf Fitness System

Working out is crucial to those who play golf. Even though golf is different from full-on physical sports like boxing, running, and basketball, you still need to sweat out and exercise your body. This is for various purposes, either for avoiding injury or for making your swings a lot stronger. 

What is Power Golf Fitness System?

Power Golf Fitness System is a training program is designed to make your body more capable of performing powerful swings. With its neatly organized training instructions, you can rest assured that you will get that powerful swing in just a short span of time.

There are some professional players that get injured when performing a swing. How can they get injured when they are already experienced golfers? Well, it’s because there body is not full built for performing a powerful swing. Maybe they are aiming for a really strong swing but there body cannot keep up with it.

  • Power Golf Fitness System
    Scientifically-based, golf-specific workout program
    From Titleist Performance Institute Certified Instructor
    60 days full 100% refund guarantee

With 16 years of experience, that is certainly a lot of body building experience to speak of. He was trained and certified by prestigious golf fitness organizations, including The CHEK Institute and The Titleist Performance Institute.

His system includes:

  • Instructional step-by-step videos. This videos shows the stretches, exercise, and mobility drills.
  • Table for sets and repetition for reference.
  • Photographs on how to perform the each of the exercises.
  • An easy to follow schedule for busy golfers.
  • Steps on how to set up your home gym.
  • Stretches to avoid before a golf round.
  • Access for questions and advice.


  • Achieve a stronger body for golf
  • Have strong reviews from previous customers
  • The man behind the system is experienced in this field
  • You can ask questions and tips with him personally
  • Gives a lot of value


  • Requires a good portion of schedule and mainly focuses on the body-building aspect of playing golf.


It is great to work your body so that you can make more powerful swings. It is not only for golf but also for your personal health. This instructions are effective in making your body more capable of doing a rigorous gameplay. You can also avoid the risk of getting injuries when playing golf. All of those on this affordable system. So what are you waiting for? Get your copy now.

WIth the 60-day money back guarantee, you have another reason to be confident in trying this system. There is actually zero risk for you. Get your performance soaring with this easy-to-follow golf exercises.


WIth the 60-day money back guarantee, you have another reason to be confident in trying this system. There is actually zero risk for you. Get your performance soaring with this easy-to-follow golf exercises.

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