Best Golf Clubs for Seniors in 2017

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Mar 01

Golf…Such a wonderful sport…Not only are you privy to the great outdoors, but you get to hone your skills in terms of balance, precision and accurate swing. It also affords a wonderful arena for sociability. It provides the opportunity to catch up with old friends, meet new ones and network as much as is desired. It is not a fast and furious pace, but rather meanders according the pace of the players and allows for anything from casual playing to stiff completion!

But, though golfing has an appearance of tranquil speed and manner in its overall presentation, it does require a certain physical stamina. It does place demands on the physical body in terms of precise body positioning, muscle movement and agility required. And regardless of the specific situation - a controlled putt or a long drive - all these elements are needed.

With the aging process, there can be a decrease in basic movement which impacts the effectiveness in playing this wonderful sport. And this can be a source of frustration for the older golfer. Therefore, in this article, we will focus on what is considered the more senior population – those 50 and above – and how this situation can be met and remedied through knowing which golf clubs work best for this demographic.

Here follows recommendations of seven golf club sets for seniors:

Men’s Speedline Plus Woods/Irons Set 3WDS/2Hyb/6-Sw/Putter/Bag:

The Speedline Plus Set from Adams Golf is considered great for seniors because the collection of clubs is designed for maximum speed and distance. In other words, it is designed to achieve greater distance with less effort. Also, it is considered a hybrid set because it contains the best of wood and iron. Other features include drivers designed to reduce drag during a swing along with a large sweet spot and perimeter weighting.

Wilson Men 2015 Profile XLS Complete Package Golf Set:

This set offers the benefit of increased grips, allowing for a comfortable hold on the club as one swings. The shafts are very flexible and made from graphite. The clubs are made from light weighted material. High lofts help with distance and a deep cavity on the iron encourages increased accuracy.

Senior Men’s Majek Golf All Hybrid Complete Full Set:

Hybrids are a great alternative to those experiencing difficulties with standard irons. These irons, which were carefully designed by the UCLA Engineering Department, provide more accuracy due to the positioned weight and cavity of the heads. A more successful hit is supported by way of a larger sweet spot and a higher loft angle. A successful hit can be achieved even if the coordination, swing and power are less than perfect.

Tour Edge HP20 Golf Club Senior Box Set, Left Hand, Graphite, Uniflex:

This set contains a combination of driver, wood, hybrid and irons. The shaft is very flexible, perfect for senior players. The specific loft angle improves distance while the club face provides a more forgiving sweet spot. The weighted pads distribute weight differently, taking it away from the face and distributing it more toward the back of the head. This encourages accuracy along with a soaring ball!

Tour Edge Golf – HP 25 Complete Set with Bag Graph/Steel:
Tour Edge HP25 Men's Senior Complete Golf Club Set, Right Hand

Sportsman Supply Inc. - Sports

from $313.99

This set has a wonderful appearance and performance, and is notable due to being very lightweight. Along with this feature, the stainless steel heads have a cavity and large face; and this allows for a ball to be hit successfully despite the contact being off center. This array of clubs comes with headcovers and a handy bag that protects the entire set.

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Men’s Idea Woods/Irons Sets 5Wds/61rns/Putter/Bag

The senior golfer can get the most out of their swing with this Idea set from Adams Manufacturing. The graphite shafts are strong and flexible, promoting more speed. Additional features include Cut-Thru sole slot designs which improve speed and increases the launch angle. The club head sweet spot has been increased and tested to provide a 43 percent increase in speed for off-center shots. A 23 percent increase in speed is experienced, even when hitting in the perfect spot!

Senior Men’s Golf Set Complete Clubs

This set of clubs is designed specifically for any loss of power, speed and accuracy that an older golfer might experience. All the club heads have oversized faces which dramatically increases the sweet spot. And, the graphite shafts have senior flex which improves speed and distance. Finally, it can be described that the faces are perfectly aligned and balanced to create a more successful and enjoyable playing experience.

The above choices provide beautiful ways to compensate for a lessening in agility, strength, power and coordination that an older golfer might experience. Problems with joints, flexibility and muscle strength can be met with the intelligent design and features of these club sets specifically made for the older player.

Because people can age differently, meaning a diminishment of certain aspects of their physical performance can be more pronounced than others, a golfer should study the changes in their playing style as they age. An intelligent analysis of where they might need more support will help in determining which set of clubs will best address their situation.

Generally, though, a lighter shaft can help with swing performance. It is recommended to look for a shaft that weighs no more than 60 grams. Also, the design of the shaft should be considered, and a flexible shaft can dramatically improve power.

It is also recommended that golfers look for a clubs that provide a high degree of loft. This launches the ball higher into the air for a greater distance. Also, a larger sweet spot on the club head can compensate for not hitting the ball perfectly.

It is, indeed, wonderful that there is such choice and support available, in terms of club sets, for the older golfer. It is evident that much care and thought has been put into the design of these various clubs to provide compensatory elements that will allow for continued enjoyment and a feeling of success as older golfers head for the green.

Along with club choice, strategies such as improving the short game and a solid warm up routine can help support the continued enjoyment of this game enjoyed the world over.

Golf can be approached intelligently as one ages so that the pure enjoyment of this intelligent, challenging and fun game can continue apace. In the final analysis, one can only celebrate a sport that takes place in the beauty of nature and sunlight, and brings people together in a unique way. In this spirit, this information is shared here to support all those golfers that plan on playing for many years to come!

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