10 Most Popular Wedges: Enrich Your Short Game With The Right Wedges

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May 09

Want to know which are the 10 most popular wedges of 2017? While every player knows the significance of a playing a crisp short game and the ensuing round outcome not all of them give the wedges much thought. But make no mistake; the right wedge can turn your game around when you are at the end of your tether. Here is a list of the popular wedges for you to peruse and find one that suits your game play precisely.

10 most popular wedges: Our line up

Most golfers know that bounce angle plays a crucial role in wedge selection but not many understand the real concept behind the bounce angle. Although in simple terms it denotes the angle between the ground and leading edge of a wedge and the trailing edge.

But the bounce angle is a more complex component. The loft variations in the wedges add another important dimension to the selection. Other than the loft and bounce, wedges differ in their weight, shapes, groove design, finish and sole types.

With so many options available today, finding the right model can be quite overwhelming. The right blend of sole grinds, bounce angles and lofts can get you out of many a tough situation deftly. We have lined up the 10 most popular wedges of 2017 to help make your selection easier.

SM6 Family (Titleist Vokey)

When compared to its predecessor SM5, the SM6 Vokey features some exciting additions like progressive CG (center of gravity) to give better trajectory distance control and exceptional touch.

Spin is excellently delivered at 200 rpm with the aid of face texture and TX4 grooves. Deeper and narrower grooves provide spin needed for the full shots.

The wedges are available in three finishes namely Steel Gray, Tour Chrome and Jet black. The five types of sole grinds make the model suitable for all shot and swing preferences.

RTX-3 (Cleveland)

Of the 10 most popular wedges here, Cleveland RTX deserves special mention for its meticulous design. The wedge enables a player to make shots with minimal vibration, enhanced stability and feel, and good distance control.

The New Feel Balancing tech modifies the club’s center of gravity resulting in a very smooth short game. Other outstanding features in the wedge include V shaped sole, Tour Zip Grooves and Laser Milling Tech which boost turf interaction, prevent fliers and increase spin by added friction in the green side shots.

Cobra King

This wedge designed with Tour characteristics involves three types of sole designs namely wide-low, versatile and classic. The sole designs cater to different player styles ensuring it covers a wide range of players.

The wedge has special features including progressive grooves that limit backspin and boost flight. For wedges with higher loft, the grooves are placed closer to increase spin control in chip shots.

Mack Daddy Forged (Callaway)

Callaway Mack Daddy Forged Wedge, $149.99,

Created for the seasoned golfer, Callaway Mack Daddy wedges have features such as straight leading edge and less offset, which enhance precision in your shots.

The crescent sole grind, square sole and the mid bounce angle make it easier to play green side shots. Shots from tighter lies and half shots are also stress-free to execute.

Ball flight is controlled at higher loft angles without affecting the spin by the progressive gravitational center, which moves with loft angle increase.

FG Tour PMP (Wilson Staff)

Wilson Staff FG Tour PMP, $99.95,

This wedge set with PMP (Precision Milled Performance) produces maximum spin on all partial shots. The spin lines are micro sized and etched using laser technology. The HM grooves with maximum volume provide improved spin on the full shots. The wedges are available in a new oilcan finish.

Mizuno T7

Mizuno Golf T7, $149.95,

Mizuno T7 wedges have Boron added to boost strength and improve spin control. The grooves specific for each loft angle help in making stronger full shots in the pitching wedges, while the grooves in higher lofts are used for open faced shots. The visible grinds enable shots from different types of lies introducing an improved versatility to the wedges.

Ping Glide
Ping Glide 2

Ping Glide Wedge, Currently not available,

Ping Glide wedges boast of tour spec and precision milled grooves that differ in configuration and design based on the loft. The hydropearl chrome layer in the finish repels water retaining the effective spin control in all types of wet conditions.

The wedges have four types of sole grinds and widths namely thin sole and low bounce, standard sole with mid bounce, a wide sole with high bounce and Eye Sole with 8 degree bounce angle.

Tribe MDR (Benross)

Benross wedges features including higher hosel length, CNC grooves, Wedge shaft of KBS Tour grade and steel finish with plated carbon are the reasons for the wedge to be added in this top 10 most popular wedges list. The wedge enables better flight control and strong, long and full pitch shots.

N1-W wedge (Yonex)

Yonex N1 Wedge, $249.99,

The Yonex wedges feature minimal vibration thanks to the graphite insert designed behind the clubface. The wedge has a three dimensional round sole for minimal turf interaction. While you get more vibration on impact, it reduces quickly when compared to other competitor wedges providing superior feel. The shaft is of N.S. Pro Modus variety and is a standard feature in all the Yonex wedges.

Milled Grind (TaylorMade)

TaylorMade Milled Grind, $149.99,

This milled grind wedge set from TaylorMade specializes in versatility and improved turf interaction. The symmetrical and rounded leading edge and CNC sole geometry promote consistency in turf interaction.

Other exceptional features include ZTP-17 grooves and Precision Weight Port in hosel cavity for improved spin and better angle of launch.

While you are choosing the ideal wedge, make sure you know the present wedge yardages and the frequency at which you find yourself in between wedges, so you can opt for additional wedges. And choose a bounce angle based on your specific attack angle, the fairway texture and the shots you like to hit on green side. There have been quite a number of modifications done with regards to grooves to improve spin and control, which you should bear in mind while choosing the wedges. Now that you have seen the top 10 most popular wedges in 2017, you can decide on the wedge that suits your needs the best.

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