Best Golf Wedge

Best Golf Wedge

Golf wedges may not be the most expensive or best looking clubs in your bag, but they certainly are the most important. A wedge is a type of specialized iron used for making short distance shots.

Thirty years ago, there were only two wedges available (pitching and sand), but this category of clubs has grown to include at least three additional different wedges (gap, lob, and ultra lob), all serving a different purpose with varying lofts and bounces.

Great golfers are separated from the good golfers when it comes to the greens and that’s when a wedge can really make a difference in your game. The short game accounts for more than half of shots played in a round so improving your wedge play is the first step to shooting a lower score.

Having a superior set of wedges is key and will help you get as close to the pin as possible. When expanding your club selection, not only do you need to know the different types of wedges, but it also helps to understand the various designs and specifications as you make your comparisons.

Buying Guide

There are four types of wedges that are most frequently used. These include the pitching wedge, gap wedge, sand wedge, and lob wedge. The pitching wedge is the most common wedge and is typically included in a standard set of clubs. It is used for high altitude shots.

The gap wedge is used for fuller shots and offers more variety near the green than for shots requiring a shorter swing. The sand wedge is aptly named and is used for chips and bunker shots around the green.

Finally, you have the lob wedge which provides more height and spin for shots near the green. It is used to hit chips, flop shots, and bunker shots.

If you are a beginner, you will not need anything more than your pitching wedge which can be interchanged with a 10-iron. As your game improves you’ll want to add a sand wedge which is a common wedge carried by most golfers.

The gap and lob wedges take some skill and practice and are typically used by the more experienced golfers. Most instructors recommend you should have around four degrees of difference between all of your wedges.

Within each type of wedge, there are many variations in designs and specifications. Each variation creates a wedge with a specific function that performs differently for playing certain kinds of shots. Most of these differences are in the head and include loft, bounce, grooves and finish.

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5 Top Best Golf Wedges

Cleveland Golf Tour Action Wedge

The Cleveland Tour Action is a good wedge to have in your bag as a versatile, accurate, and dependable club. This wedge is designed to give you remarkable feel and performance without sacrificing design and style. The larger face gives it a hard to miss sweet spot which makes it perfect for beginner to moderate golfers.

Cleveland Golf Tour Action Wedge


The Cleveland Golf Tour Action Wedge is designed with professional tour player input. This wedge is built on a uniflex 431 stainless steel shaft to create better swing results for average golfers with slow golf swings. It also allows beginners and intermediate golfers room to improve by increasing in stiffness as their golf swing speed increases.

To create a versatile wedge for all situations, the Cleveland Golf Tour Action has a thin leading edge which assures clean shots in all conditions. These wedges hold the green well and are good for those tight lie shots.

The precision milled grooves deliver soft feel and control with more spin on shorter shots. Loft options vary from 50 to 60 degrees and are combined with a tour inspired sole design and standard mid-range bounce for consistency and smooth turf interaction.


  • Versatile enough to hit a large variety of shots
  • Great for beginners to improve short games
  • Easy to hit in various conditions from sand to turf
  • Very forgiving with superior control and accuracy
  • Well balanced for bunker shots and tough lies
  • Charcoal gray club head finish reduces glare


  • Lack of bounce
  • Lamkin Action Feel Grip is sticky and has a tacky residue


The reasonably priced Cleveland Tour Action wedge is a good versatile tool that will help improve your game. With its clean lines and charcoal finish, it looks as good as it plays. As a good wedge for beginners, it is versatile for all situations, turf conditions and shot styles.

The thin leading edge assures an accurate shot from the fluffiest sand to the stiffest turf. This wedge will improve your game as you hit all the shots you need around the green.

Titleist Vokey SM5 Tour Chrome Wedges S Grind Dynamic Golf Steel 7.0 Right 58.0

The Titleist Vokey SM5 Tour Chrome Wedge is just the wedge to help you hit it close and lower your golf scores. This wedge features a spin milled (SM) groove system and was designed by master craftsman Bob Vokey based on decades of research and collaboration with the world’s best golfers.

Titleist Vokey SM5 Tour Chrome Wedges S Grind Dynamic Gold Steel


This customizable wedge is available for men and women and comes in a right handed or left handed option. The wedge can be configured by choosing your loft and sole grinds. Tour proven bounce and sole grind options allow you to fit your swing style, shot technique, and course conditions.

Available lofts for the SM5 range from 46 to 60 degrees. This particular wedge has a 58 degree loft, making it versatile with usage as a sand wedge or a lob wedge.

It is used as a sand wedge for hitting balls out of sand traps or bunkers. As a lob wedge, it works for short, controlled shots that stop quickly on the green.

This SM5 comes with multiple high performance sole grinds for almost any swing type or turf condition. Based on player input and feedback, these wedges are available in six different sole grinds categorized into low, mid, and high bounce to fit any swing style or game condition.

Another feature of the SM5 is the spin milled TX3 groove system. This is the third generation of Vokey’s tour extreme scoreline that produces maximum spin for improved trajectory and distance control.

The TX3 system is a set of 17 individually cut and inspected grooves that increase backspin. The grooves in this wedge are wide and deep.


  • More compact and balanced profile
  • Increased groove durability
  • Made of 8620 carbon steel for a longer life with less bend
  • Compact profile with rounded toe and shorter blade
  • Cleaner look with multiple finish options and room for personalization


  • Too many grinds with a complicated labeling system
  • Professional fitting highly recommended


The SM5 line of wedges is suitable for nearly any golfer. The multiple configurations of bounce and sole grind options provide more ways to shoot lower scores for all levels of players in any conditions. These wedges are designed with tour player input to create high performance shapes with more spin, better trajectory, and improved distance control.

Titleist  Vokey SM5 Tour Chrome Wedges S Grind Dynamic Gold Steel 7.0 Right 60.0

Bob Vokey, Titleist’s master craftsman, has created some of the best-performing wedges in the game of golf with the Vokey Spin Milled 5 (SM5) wedge lineup. These wedges were designed based on decades of research and collaboration with the world’s leading golfers.

Titleist Vokey SM5 Tour Chrome Wedges S Grind


With various bounce and sole grind combinations, the Vokey SM5 wedges allow you to design the optimal wedge for your needs. There are up to 21 different loft, bounce, and grind configurations that can be matched precisely to your swing type, shot style, and turf conditions.

This wedge has a 60 degree loft, making it best used as a lob wedge. A lob wedge has a loft of 60 degrees and above, and is used for throwing the ball up very high from short distances.

The SM5 is available in six different grind types. This wedge utilizes the S grind, which was inspired by Steve Stricker, who likes to play his wedges in a square position with the shaft leaning away from the target.

The S grind creates a full sole with a straight trailing edge ribbon and moderate heel relief. It is best for a slider or neutral swing and works on all turf conditions from firm to soft.


  • This brand is known for continually evolving and improving its products
  • S grind is very stable on full shots
  • Easier to open the face with the lower heel
  • Good all-purpose wedge
  • Maintains distance and control with ease


  • Not all configurations are offered in all finishes
  • Multiple configurations make it hard to know which one work best for your style


Create your perfect wedge by choosing the right configuration of SM5 to execute more shots around the green and improve your game. Since 2004, Vokey Design wedges have been one of the top wedges used on the PGA Tour.

They are suitable for players of every level, from novice to professional. Using a wedge with the right combination of loft, bounce, and grind can make a big difference in your game.

Callaway Mack Daddy 3 Chrome S-Grind Wedge

The Callaway Mack Daddy 3 Chrome S-Grind Wedge was designed by professional golfer Phil Mickelson and renowned Callaway club builder Roger Cleveland. The shape and larger groove area help to give you an advantage when it comes to the tough short game shots.

The Callaway Mack Daddy 3 Chrome S-Grind Wedge


The Callaway Mack Daddy 3 Chrome S-Grind Wedge is a completely customizable club. Begin by selecting a men’s or women’s club and then a left or right handed club. From there you can configure flex and loft of the club.

The shaft material is steel which allows more vibrations up the shaft to your hands providing feedback. The steel-shafted club also carries weight that is helpful if you have a high swing speed. As part of the shaft selection, you can pick the flex you desire from regular, S300, to stiff.

An important part of the design of the wedge is the Progressive Groove Optimization. The grooving starts with a 30V which is used for the pitching and gap wedges to put spin on shots that require a steep angle.

For sand wedges, the groove pattern is called a 20V and works best for full shots and bunker shots. The last type of groove system is called 5V which uses wider grooves for lob wedges to provide more control on shots out of the rough and around the green.

The customization allows you to choose lofts from as low as 46 up to 60 degrees. The more loft a wedge has, the higher the trajectory of the ball it hits. Most players choose a configuration with a 4-degree loft gap between each of their wedges.

Another unique aspect of this wedge is the distinct S-grind. This is the most versatile of the three different grinds offered by Calloway. It’s an excellent option for a wide range of course conditions. It can handle normal, firm, or soft turf as well as moderate to sweeping angle swings for any type of shot.


  • Easy to work with out of the sand
  • Stops the ball on the green better than other competitive wedges
  • Forgiving without losing control or feel
  • Creates excellent spin
  • Good wedge for the average player


  • Requires attention to the extra bounce
  • Does not get consistent results
  • High priced


The Callaway Mack Daddy 3 boasts a lineup of grind, loft and groove combinations to match every condition, golf swing, and golf shot. It will suit most players of any ability for a variety of surfaces. It is a top performing wedge with strong looks and a soft feel that will allow you to hit all the shots you need around the green.

Nike Golf Men’s VR Chrome Forged Golf Wedge, 52-Degree/10-Degree

If you want to hit shots like a tour player, then pick up the Nike Golf Men’s VR Chrome Forged Golf Wedge, 52-Degree/10-Degree. At 52 degrees, this Nike VR Chrome Forged wedge is considered a gap wedge used to hit a shot with high and short trajectory.

Nike Golf Chrome


This specially designed left-handed wedge is packed with features that will help drop your handicap by making your game more consistent. It is crafted of a soft 1025 carbon steel and finished in premium satin chrome.

The new X3X grooves are the most notable feature. Named for its pattern that adds three times the surface texture, it creates more spin in all conditions.

The stronger, more aggressive channels provide enhanced spin in wet conditions and any time there’s something between your club and the golf ball. There are more grooves closer together and deeper on the clubface, which provide more control and consistency in all conditions off of the clubface.

With its 52 degree loft, this wedge is a versatile tool, useful for both pitching and chipping around the green. This allows for an easy to control swing that provides enough height for the ball to land accurately. The loft makes it a great tool for playing both pitch and chip shots.

The 10 degree bounce is on the high side and this means the head digs less when you strike the ball. High bounce is better for loose conditions such as long grass or fluffy sand.

This wedge comes with a standard grind which is the most versatile profile for all conditions. The grind on this wedge ensures the correct address position without the need to open the face, providing shot making opportunities around the greens.


  • Consistent stopping and distance control
  • Excellent back spin
  • Decent heel relief, particularly on the trailing edge
  • Soft forged feel
  • Good controllable Spin


  • Does not live up to the brand quality as expected
  • New grooves actually generate less spin than previous designs
  • Less pronounced sole grind


The Nike VR Chrome wedge delivers enhanced shot-making consistency, tour-level feel, and long-life groove performance. This iron will give you the tool you need to match your wedge to your swing and the course conditions.

It is designed to optimize spin and control around the greens with a stronger, more aggressive groove edge and deeper groove channels to deliver ultimate stopping power and distance control.

Final Verdict